When DIY Isn’t The Best Option

I’m a big “Do It Yourself” when it comes to home improvements, crafts, and my favorite, furniture distressing. However there are some things I just won’t do myself (or let my husband): Painting our two story ceilings, anything involving a gas line, and making my own almond milk ice cream (I learned this one the hard way).

No matter how much of a DIYer you may be, please don’t skimp on your Estate Planning. Many clients have come to me for other issues and when I ask if they have an estate plan they explain that they found a “form will” online and just filled in a few blanks. My heart sinks. There are plenty of areas of your life where I am all for saving a few bucks, Estate Planning is NOT one of those areas.

Internet wills and quick E-Z forms will not protect your estate or your children, inevitably something will be wrong. Click this LINK for an article explaining the risks of doing your own Estate Plan.

Distress that antique, build your own fire pit, but step away from your estate plan. Let a professional handle it with care to make sure you and your heirs are protected.

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